EclipseCon 2007 March 5-8, Santa Clara California

Unifying Eclipse Collaboration with Corona

Glenn Everitt (Compuware), Dennis O'Flynn (Compuware Corp)

· Long Talk

Tuesday, 15:30, 50 minutes | Grand Ballroom D


Dennis O'Flynn

The Corona Collaboration Framework provides a platform to integrate tools supporting workgroups. This extensible framework allows shared services to be deployed on a Collaboration Server. The framework provides management of information targeted specifically for a workgroup. The combination of services and information for a workgroup forms an environment called a Collaboration Context. The Collaboration Context makes repositories of information available to the workgroup. The Context also provides organization and metadata for unstructured data. The Context supports notification services regarding changes to repository information and workgroup members' actions.

Join us in this talk about Corona Collaboration Contexts. We will discuss the integration and use of existing Eclipse Tools (Mylar, ECF) into the Collaboration Context. A demonstration will show the use of external Web Services, and external information repositories such as CVS in a sample Collaboration Context. The presentation includes an example service implementation showing how new services can be distributed inside a workgroup and made available externally through web services. We show how workgroup clients can automatically find relevant information in the Context. Finally, the Collaboration Context helps workgroup members understand each other's interests and strengths by sharing attributes gathered from actions within the Context.

Glenn Everitt a Software Architect at Compuware where he has worked with integration and middleware technologies in support of Compuware's ALM strategy. Previously, Glenn was Chief Application Architect at Reliant Data Systems which Compuware acquired in 1999. Glenn has worked for several startup companies where he developed products for multi-tiered data management, medical device monitoring, presentation graphics, and optical character recognition. He will be a committer working on all aspects of the Corona Project.

Dennis O'Flynn is the Project Lead for the Corona project. As a Software Architect for Compuware, Dennis has specialized in cross-product integration. He was the project lead on an internal server-side framework that provides messaging and web service infrastructures for several of Compuware’s product lines.

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