EclipseCon 2007 March 5-8, Santa Clara California

Eclipse Pluginfest 2007 - Lessons Learned

Thibaut Rouffineau (Symbian)

· Short Talk

Tuesday, 11:10, 10 minutes | Ballroom FGHABC


The Eclipse PluginFest was a two day developer event to test interoperability and compatibility between Eclipse based plugins and products.

The goal of the event was to help Eclipse-based software users and producers to replicate the whole Mobile and Embedded Software Development Lifecycle through interoperability of various vendors' products. This event was therefore prompted by two reasons:

As the availability and maturity of Eclipse based tools grows and more players migrate their developers to Eclipse environments the need for multi-vendor solutions grows in parallel. IT managers can benefit from this approach by lowering their procurement and support costs. Developers benefit from this approach by getting a more integrated, richer and extensible environment to work on. Creating this environment however is a difficult challenge for IT managers, trying to integrate their existing suppliers into their Eclipse environment.

In a very specialized and fragmented environment as the Embedded and Mobile development space it is virtually impossible for any tool producer to cater for the entire development lifecycle. Platform vendors therefore pursue partnership methods to ensure the integration of their solutions onto the developer's environment.

In addition the event has been recognised by prospective attendees as a convenient venue for all companies involved in Eclipse to exchange and discuss the future evolutions of Eclipse through interoperability testing sessions among participating organizations as well architectural sessions. This event is in effect a first of its kind specific gathering for the Embedded and Mobile community.

Symbian as the sponsor of the event are proposing to give all participants of Eclipsecon an insider view on the event inception and organisation. At the time of this submission the event hasn't taken place yet. However by Eclipse'con the organisers will be able to present a short summary of the event and the most salient findings. A "must-see" presentation for those who missed the event, a joyful reminder ("hopefully") for those who participated in this "first of its kind"...

This talk is targeted at those interested in organising similar "vertical specific" events, in transparent interoperability between commercial vendors, in the Embedded and Mobile Eclipse community.

Thibaut Rouffineau, Director of Developer Engagements and Experience at Symbian. Rouffineau leads Symbian's engagements with the Symbian developer community. Rouffineau is responsible for Symbian tool vendor program and the strategic relationship with the Eclipse community . Rouffineau joined Symbian in 2005 and before that worked for 5 years as a product and partner manager in the Telecom and Telecom software industry.

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