EclipseCon 2007 March 5-8, Santa Clara California

Simplified Web based Access to Resources through OSGi

Manu Kuchhal (IBM India Software Labs), Rohit Singh (IBM India Software Labs)

· Demo

Thursday, 10:10, 50 minutes | Room 206


Rohit Singh

There is a lot of buzz around these days about so called Simplified Programming Models. There seem to be an interest in a casual approach, where it is expected that developers should stick to writing basic Java Code or writing HTML and should be allowed to just drop them in some directory from where they get picked up at runtime. We propose to demonstrate one of our proof of concept implementation which shows how easy it is to extend the capability of the HTTPService to allow these scenarios in OSGi. In this demo we will showcase our implementation which allows to 1) Drop a class file in a filesystem (at a particular location designated for the purpose) and then invoke one of its method (for the time-being which takes no input parameter and returns a String) via URL to get the reply on a web page. 2) Invoke the method of a pre-deployed OSGi service (for the time-being which takes no input parameter and returns a String) via URL to get the reply on a web page. 3) Drop a static .html file into the filesystem on the fly and be able to access it content from the URL.

Manu Kuchhal is an Advisory Software Engineer with IBM Lotus at the IBM India Software Labs. In his current job role, Manu is focussed on defining and creating a Light Weight SOA Infrastructure using OSGi that is targetted to run in resource constraint environments/scenarios. Manu has been evangelizing OSGi for most part of his career. He has few experiments to his credit that tend to exhibit the feasibility and applicability of OSGi not only as a component technology but also as a serious service hosting runtime. In this context, some of his work also got published in forums both outside and inside IBM.

Rohit Singh is Staff Software Engineer with IBM Websphere at the IBM India Software Labs.In his current job role he supports WebSphere Partner Gateway Product of IBM.He had worked on OSGi related project in the start of his career in IBM and has one of his work on OSGi published in IBM Alphaworks Forum.

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