EclipseCon 2007 March 5-8, Santa Clara California

(3662) Conventional WSDM: Eclipsing the Complexity of Systems Management

Andrew Eberbach (IBM), Balan Subramanian (IBM)

· Short Tutorial

Monday, 08:00, 2 hours | Stevens Creek


With the growing complexity of software and computer systems in general, holistic management of disparate IT resources presents a enormous, ever growing challenge. The effectiveness and real usability of an IT solution is directly related on how well it can be managed. Ultimately systems management is no longer only an administrator's concern, but a very real issue for developers to deal with, necessitating a standardized approach. The Web Services Distributed Management (WSDM) open standard ratified at the 1.1 level by the OASIS foundation provides an uniform interface, mechanism and model for distributed systems management. The impact of standardization is most apparent during problem determination, where uniform management access to resources facilitates sophisticated problem isolation and resolution techniques.

The Eclipse Test and Performance Tools project includes tooling for building, testing and interacting with resources based on open management standards (such as WSDM or JMX). The tooling addresses the complete lifecycle of manageability endpoint development from modeling, development, testing and deployment. The tooling is built in a generic manner to support future evolution of the WSDM standard and enablement of other management protocols including JMX and CIM.

Standard management of heterogenous components of a solution is the highlight of this tutorial. We will start by introducing key management concepts that are particularly addressed by WSDM. The tutorial will be based on a real scenario involving an application server, services hosted on that server and the operating system all working together in an IT solution. We will take the interested developer through basic endpoint development, dealing with different data types, complete lifecycle with importing of existing artifacts, introducing notifications and consuming notifications, grouping endpoints into service groups and building relationships between endpoints. Next, we will demonstrate testing the built endpoints with the Managed Agent Explorer and its use as a generic management application. We will then generate the client proxies for the management application which will make use of advanced concepts like service groups and relationships and WS-Notification support built into the workbench.

At the end of the short tutorial, developers and architects would have learnt the fundamental concepts of distributed systems management with WSDM and how to effectively use the tooling in TPTP to tackle the issue of building software and components enabled for effective distributed management.

Andrew Eberbach is a software developer for IBM working on management standards including their implementation and tooling in both the Apache and Eclipse communities.

Balan leads a team of developers in the Tivoli Autonomic Computing group at IBM, delivering a runtime and tooling for Web Services Distributed Management (WSDM), an open standard ratified by the OASIS foundation for uniform systems management. His team delivers the open source Apache Muse WSDM runtime and the tooling for Web Services Distributed Management in the Eclipse TPTP project to which he is a committer. Balan earned a Master's degree in Computer Science from George Mason University and has been with IBM at Research Triangle Park, NC since 2002. He is interested in web services, grid computing, autonomic computing, social networking and robotics. He has published several articles and filed multiple patent applications particularly in the areas of problem determination, autonomic computing and web services.

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