EclipseCon 2007 March 5-8, Santa Clara California

The 2006 Google Summer of Code at Eclipse

Philippe Ombredanne (nexB and EasyEclipse), Francois Granade (nexB, Inc.), Remy Chi Jian Suen (Indepedent), Steffen Pingel (), Mik Kersten (University of British Columbia), Leslie Hawthorn (Google Inc., Open Source Program Office), Chris Aniszczyk (IBM)

· Panel

Tuesday, 13:30, 50 minutes | Theater


Francois Granade

Remy Chi Jian Suen

Steffen Pingel

Mik Kersten

Chris Aniszczyk

This summer, Eclipse was invited to participate as a mentoring organization in the Google Summer of Code program.
Come and join us to review and celebrate the efforts of the mentors and students that spent the summer developing cool and useful Eclipse plugins.
We will review the students projects: ... as well as look at what has been learned to prepare for the next Eclipse participation.

Philippe is a passionate open source software developer, Eclipse activist and enthusiast plug-in developer. He is the CTO and co-founder of nexB, a software company dedicated to open source and application life-cycle management tools and services. He is a maintainer for EasyEclipse, an open source distribution of useful Eclipse plug-ins, and active contributor to several open source Eclipse projects, including PHPEclipse and the Ajax Toolkit Framework. As a volunteer, he recently led the Google Summer of Code program for Eclipse. He has worked at McDonnell Douglas, Accenture, and BearingPoint in various software development and consulting positions and on assignments at Apple, BEA, Checkpoint, Cisco, HP, Mercury, Microsoft, NetApp and SAP.

Francois co-fonded nexB, Inc in 2003 with Philippe Ombredanne and Michael Herzog, to focus on delivering open and realistic solution for Application Development, Testing and Deployment, in short: open-source ALM. Prior to nexB, Francois cofounded, and lead the Development team at ViaFone, a provider of mobile applications for the enterprise, subsequently sold to Extended Systems (NASDAQ: XTND). In previous roles, Francois also was instrumental in starting Collage, an Intranet Content Manager for NetObjects. Francois graduated from Ecole Polytechnique, Paris.

Remy is an undergraduate at the University of Waterloo in Canada. He enjoys studying and discussing about all things related to open source and Java development. He is a committer for the ECF project and can usually be seen on the Eclipse IRC channels whilst juggling between work for school and ECF. He is also one of the eleven students that was selected by the Eclipse Foundation for Google's Summer of Code program in 2006 working on an implementation of the BitTorrent protocol for Eclipse. His work provides ECF and the Eclipse Platform's Update Manager the means to transfer files via BitTorrent.

Steffen is an open-source programmer with Lime Wire LLC. He recently graduated from the University of Stuttgart. He spends his free time riding bikes and working on Mylar. He became addicted to the project as a result of Google's Summer of Code in 2006 and is now a Mylar committer maintaining the connector for Trac.

Mik Kersten is the lead of the Mylar project, and a committer on the AspectJ and AJDT projects. While working Xerox PARC Mik created the IDE support for AspectJ, and plug-ins for JBuilder, NetBeans, VisualStudio, and Emacs. He is now completing his PhD at the University of British Columbia, and focused on helping Eclipse reduce information overload by making the context of the tasks we work on explicit.

Leslie Hawthorn held various roles at Google before joining the Open Source Program Office in March 2006. She co-managed the Google Summer of Code program for 2006 and has hosted several open-source community hackathons at Google's corporate headquarters in Mountain View, California, USA. Proud to be known as Google's geek herder, Leslie holds a B.A. in English Language and Literature from U.C. Berkeley.

Chris Aniszczyk is a software engineer at IBM Lotus focusing on OSGi related development. He is an open source enthusiast at heart, and he works on the Gentoo Linux distribution and is a committer on a few Eclipse projects (PDE, ECF, EMFT). He's always available to discuss open source and Eclipse over a frosty beverage.

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