EclipseCon 2007 March 5-8, Santa Clara California

(3612) Extending BIRT

Scott Rosenbaum (Innovent Solutions, Inc.)

· Short Tutorial

Monday, 13:30, 2 hours | Great America Meeting Room 1


The Business Intelligence and Reporting Tools project allows the creation of custom reporting components through a wide variety of extension points. Developers that implement the BIRT extension points can extend the BIRT report to create reusable new components that function just like the existing BIRT components.

This presentation builds a business case for the development of four types of BIRT extensions.

The development, integration, deployment of these components is covered in a hands on presentation. This tutorial will provide a great starting point for any developer that is considering working with the BIRT extension points. All of the source for the examples will be provided through this web site and in a DVD provided at the tutorial.

A basic knowledge of the Eclipse extension framework will be helpful, but is not required for attendents of this class. Familiarity with basic BIRT development is required.

The tutorial will use the BIRT 2.2 M5 release version of Eclipse. This version of Eclipse will be provided on the course DVD. All of the source for the examples will be on the course DVD and will be available for download through a Subversion server.

NOTE: Due to a scheduling conflict, this presentation runs at the same time as the Data Tools ODA extension presentation. This presentation will provide a tutorial of the ODA component, but will not go into as much detail as the DataTools tutorial. If your primary objective is the creation of ODA data sources, you may want to consider attending the ODA tutorial instead. If you are also interested in extending BIRT reporting components than this is the appropriate tutorial.

Scott Rosenbaum is a managing partner for Innovent Solutions, a consulting firm focused on the design, development and distribution business intelligence solutions. He has been an active user of Eclipse technology since 2002, and joined the BIRT Project Management Committee in November of 2004. Mr. Rosenbaum holds a Bachelor of Science degree from General Motors Institute. He has spent the last 20 years working on business intelligence solutions for the insurance, banking, healthcare, retail sales and automotive industries.

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