EclipseCon 2007 March 5-8, Santa Clara California

(S1) Developing JPA (Java Persistence API) based applications on Eclipse and BEA Workshop Studio

Greg Stachnick Jr (BEA Systems), Pieter Humphrey (BEA Systems)

· Sponsored Tutorial

Monday, 08:00, 4 hours 30 minutes | Room 210


This sponsored tutorial from BEA covers the basics of JPA (Java Persistence API) development on Eclipse and BEA Workshop Studio. This hands-on experience will allow attendees to construct a sample application based on JPA (Java Persistence API) and JSF.

*You will be reqired to your own laptop with a functioning wirless card *1GB ram minimum, 2GB recommended *Microsoft Windows 2000/XP or Linux Red Hat 9 or Fedora Core 2 or higher *JRE 1.4/1.5 on Windows, 1.5 on Linux *Installing BEA Workshop Studio trial will greatly speed up your experience

The sample application used in this tutorial is a web application for a company selling various products. The application maintains a list of products for sale and customers who placed orders. This tutorial is built on a sample web application which contains database files and web resources (.java, .css file and .jsp files). With the resources and steps described in this tutorial, you will learn how to create the persistence and business logic layers of the application using Bea Workshop Studio. This sesssion introduces many key concepts of BEA Workshop Studio: object relational mapping (ORM), web applications, the EJB Query Language (EJBQL), managing entity relationships, JPA, JSF page construction, and other concepts. Application Overview: In this tutorial, you will develop Add Customer and View Orders modules of the web application. The Add Customer module adds a new customer while the View Orders module displays a list of customers who have placed orders and an overview of each order. A JSF based user interface will also be created to utilize the new modules. For this tutorial, Kodo will be used as the JPA implementation.

This is a free tutorial sponsored by BEA. You must be registered for EclipseCon but there is no additional charge to attend this tutorial.

Greg Stachnick joined BEA in 2005 and is a product manager for BEA Workshop Studio. In his current role, Greg focuses on blended application development using commercial and open source Java frameworks and runtimes. Greg has been working in the Java development tools space since 2000.

Pieter Humphrey has provided extensive mentoring and instruction for clients on BEA's WebLogic product line of Server, Portal, Integration and Workshop since joining BEA in 2001. Working in with core IT and Java/J2EE since 1998 has provided him with a solid background for his current position in developer tools marketing for the BEA Workshop product family. Pieter is a frequent speaker at trade and customer events and Bay Area user groups.

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