EclipseCon 2007 March 5-8, Santa Clara California

(3634) Extending the XML and source editors from the WTP Project

Nitin Dahyabhai (IBM Corporation), Amy Wu (IBM)

· Short Tutorial

Monday, 13:30, 2 hours | Winchester


This tutorial will teach participants how to extend the XML Editor and other source editors provided in WTP. Topics will cover customizing for your own special forms of content to provide a richer editing experiences for your users, such as integrating with outline pages, property sheets, reuse within multi- page editors, adding as-you-type validation, and providing Snippets view items. In addition to extending the UI, we'll show examples of how to get and modify the DOM associated with our frameworks in WTP. The focus will be on XML, but we'll make some mention of other languages, too. This tutorial will include coding examples that involve the XML and SSE components, but that apply equally well to commercial products such as IBM Rational Application Developer. We will pick a specific type of XML, such as a web deployment descriptor, and then add specific functionality for it.

Nitin Dahyabhai is a committer for the SSE components of WTP and a software engineer for IBM Rational Software in Research Triangle Park, North Carolina. He has worked on the WTP editors since their inception. In that time he has contributed to many aspects of them, including parsing, model management, dynamic editor configuration, the outline and property sheet views, custom tag libraries, debugging, drag and drop and more. He is also responsible for the Snippets view and DTD component, previously working on the Visual Composition Editor in IBM VisualAge for Java.

Amy Wu is a committer for the SSE components of WTP and a software engineer for IBM Rational Software in Research Triangle Park, North Carolina. She works on the whole family of WTP editors, focusing on the UI aspects such as preferences, hyperlinks, hover help, document folding, and syntax highlighting. She also works on editor configuration for adopters to extend the Structured Text Editor for their own purposes.

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