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Eclipse Summit Europe 2010 Sessions

Thursday, November 04

TimeBürgersaal 1SilchersaalSchubartsaalSeminarräume 1-3Seminarräume 5
09:00 The Industrialization of the Services Sector (Bürgersaal 1)

10:00 Break (Bürgersaal Foyer)

10:30 Models To Go: How We Built a DSL for Mobile Apps With Tools From the Eclipse Modeling Project

Build Systems Exposed: Strengths & Weaknesses of Build Technologies at Eclipse

Advance Web/HTTP features in Eclipse RT with Jetty

The adventure of building an Eclipse-based IDE for embedded automotive software developers

11:30 Live Coding: Building a UI styling language for E4 with Xtext The Scala IDE for Eclipse SMILA - The Search Framework EMF Facet : a Non-Intrusive Metamodel Extension Tooling
12:00 Lunch (Bürgersaal 2)

13:30 Sphinx: An Industrial Strength Tool Platform Fostering Model-driven Development of Embedded Systems Runtime surgery Adopt the e4 progamming model in Eclipse >= 3.6 Distributed Version Control - practices from daily work with EGit and MercurialEclipse
14:00 Test UI Aspects of Plug-ins Getting started with Graphiti Click out your JPA model Controlling your e4 application model ... with a Wii remote control Experiences to establish an Industrial Consortium supporting Open Source for APC solutions
14:30 Modeling in the Cloud Distilling Heap Dumps: a Guide to Using and Extending Memory Analyzer Riena on e4 aka "RCP 2.0" Eclipse Swordfish reloaded Qualification of Eclipse-based Tools according to ISO 26262
15:00 Sabre and Eclipse RCP Power the Travel Industry Advanced C/C++ Debugging and Tracing Eclipse Modeling for WTP Gemini - Helping Shape the Future of Enterprise Java Long-Term Support for Eclipse - the next step in Enterprise Readiness
15:30 Closing Session (Bürgersaal 1)


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Eclipse 4.0 (e4)
Other / New & Noteworthy