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Eclipse Summit Europe 2010 Sessions

Wednesday, November 03

TimeBürgersaal 1SilchersaalSchubartsaalSeminarräume 1-3Seminarräume 5
09:00 Code and Belief (Bürgersaal 1)

10:00 Break (Bürgersaal Foyer)

10:30 Using Git in Eclipse

Scale, Share and Store your Models with CDO

From tiny to huge: scalable configuration management for embedded systems

Enriching your models using OCL

11:30 The way to Eclipse 4.0 and 4.1 Building Cloud Applications with Eclipse Using and Extending STEM Creating Your Very Own Eclipse Project
12:00 Lunch (Bürgersaal 2)

13:30 The Virgo Runtime, modular web apps with the Snaps prototype Control Your Home with OSGi b3: Evolutionary Change SWT/Qt
14:00 EMFT Texo: generating true pojos, the ORM and more... A regular day as an Eclipse Committer What's new and coming in Java Persistence
14:30 What's New in the CDT (C/C++ Dev Tools) Dependency Injection - Something every Eclipse Developer should know and use eTrice: a proposed Eclipse project for embedded MDSD based on ROOM A look ahead at RAP: what's new now and will be noteworthy in the future
15:00 Eclipse 4.0: Theming the UI with CSS The Future of Code Coverage for Eclipse Easy to go security for the eclipse universe Pulsar - The mobile industry working group and related projects
15:30 Break (Bürgersaal Foyer)

16:00 Simplifying update and extension install for RCP applications EEF : Past, Present and Future The thrill of migrating a mission-critical RCP-application to E4: lessons learned Fun with Remote Services
16:30 IDE 2.0: Bringing Collective Intelligence into Software Development Managing enterprise client deployment with p2 Eclipse-based HMIs for the Embedded World - a Model driven approach EState: Bringing Your Models to Life
17:00 Hello Android : Using Eclipse for Android Development Dynamic EMF Views (not only) for OSGI Business Applications OpenSocial gadgets in Eclipse
17:30 Mission-Critical Agility (Bürgersaal 1)

18:30 Poster Reception (Bürgersaal Foyer)

20:00 Birds of a Feather Sessions

21:00 Birds of a Feather Sessions


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Eclipse 4.0 (e4)
Other / New & Noteworthy