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Developing Embedded Software with Eclipse, State Machines and Block Diagrams

, Axel Terfloth

Embedded · Tutorial
Tuesday, 09:00, 4 hours | Seminarräume 1-3


In the domain of embedded systems engineering the open source development platform Eclipse is rapidly growing in popularity. So far, It has been mainly employed as a C/C++ IDE for embedded software, however, recent developments in Eclipse go far beyond the plain IDE functionality. One of the most evolving areas is the support for model-based development. Model-based approaches are vital to get a grip on the increasing complexity of embedded software. While most of the existing tools are expensive proprietary closed-source software products, which do not allow for customization and extensibility, the Eclipse platform explicitly addresses these needs.

Based on the concrete example of a heating control this tutorial discusses the different steps within the development process from modeling down to the device. The behavior of the system will be specified by using state machines for the reactive part and block diagrams for the dynamical behavior, whereas the structural aspects of the system will be specified with a textual modeling language. Following the validation and simulation of the models, we will demonstrate how efficient code can be generated from these models and how it can be combined with hand written code. The complete tool chain is based on Eclipse and makes use of the open source Yakindu tools that are hosted as an Eclipse Labs project.

The tutorial will consist of slide presentations as well as demonstrations within the Eclipse environment.

Andreas Unger works as a software engineer for itemis AG, Luenen. His focus is on Eclipse-based tool development in the field of embedded systems. He is involved in the design and development of customer-specific solutions of graphical and textual modeling tools, as well as the development of the data flow-oriented modeling tool Damos.

Axel Terfloth heads research and development for embedded systems at itemis AG. He deals with the adaption and development of methods and technologies of integrated tool chains and model based development of embedded systems. He is involved in different commercial and research projects especially and is responsible for the open source modeling platform Yakindu. He regularly writes and speaks on these subjects.