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Managing enterprise client deployment with p2

Thomas Kratz

Runtime · Short
Wednesday, 16:30, 25 minutes | Silchersaal


RCP clients become more and more widespread in enterprise application scenarios. Eiswind Software has a long time experience with the buchmanager project. We have worked out a quite simple strategy to update our users rich client applications in such a way that they stay in sync with the customers installed server version from a central p2 repository. To achieve that we use the p2 query API to retrieve versions from the repository that are compatible with the customers server, even if there are alreday newer versions available. With some conventions on what means compatible we are able to push out minor fixes between major releases that are automatically updated at client startup time from the repository. If the client recognizes a server upgrade, it upgrades itself to the compatible version, too. This would be a short talk that will give the ideas behind the p2 query api and the power that comes with it.

To myself: My name is Thomas Kratz, and I am working as lead developer for a small company in the media business in Hamburg, Germany. In my daytime Job I do mostly web centric applications and on the weekends I work on my own project http://www.buchmanager.com, a eclipse based software for book publishing companies. This is my free-time first ever startup company and I still hope that it will grow and make a living for m someday. I am an eclipse platform enthusiast, although not a committer I try to provide patches to problems wherever needed. You may have a look at my other interests on client server computing on my blog on http://thomaskratz.blogspot.com