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Scale, Share and Store your Models with CDO

Eike Stepper, Martin Fluegge

Modeling · Long
Wednesday, 10:30, 55 minutes | Silchersaal


The Connected Data Objects (CDO) model repository is the standard solution for your EMF applications when it comes to orthogonal concerns like scalability, persistence, transactionality and distribution. CDO is a component of the EMF project for many years now and has been successfully adopted by many companies and organizations.

CDO allows you to develop your application against standard EMF APIs and decide later if you want to persist your models in any SQL database, possibly through Hibernate, in an object oriented database, in memory or what ever you can imagine. Without any changes to your application your models become really scalable on both client side and server side. Store and use models larger than four giga bytes and load up to thirty thousand objects per second to your clients. Embed your repository into your client if you don't need distribution or integrate it with a Java EE container of your choice if you need other kinds of distribution. Let your users experience the collaboration on a real distributed shared model.

This talk will show you

  • Why EMF is not enough
  • What CDO can do for you
  • How to exploit the new 3.0 features
    • Branching and merging
    • Offline mode
    • Server fail-over
    • Legacy model support
    • Dawn - Rise of the collaborative UI
  • What the team is planning for Indigo
  • A demo

Eike Stepper is a consultant specializing in modeling and OSGi with over 20 years in professional software development. Eike has conducted dozens of successful customer projects since founding his consulting company in 1991. Eike is the initiator and project lead for the CDO Model Repository and the Net4j Signalling Platform at the Eclipse Foundation. Visit Eike's blog for more information.

Martin is a passionate software developer with a degree in applied computer sciences from the University of Applied Sciences Berlin, Germany. He owns a small consulting company with a focus on Modeling and other Eclipse technologies. He is the author of Dawn and an active committer on CDO.

Download Material

Download file of related material.