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A Study to identify the testing culture of the Eclipse community

Michaela Greiler

Other / New & Noteworthy · Poster

This talk has been accepted but has not yet been assigned a time slot.

This poster is intended to promote our study on identifying and conceptualizing the testing culture of Eclipse within the community and to foster an open discussion on testing best practices and pitfalls. The aim of the study is to shed light on the testing traditions within the Eclipse community, and to identify best practices and pitfalls. We are interested in conceptualizing the different testing forces, and to develop a framework of testing methodologies within Eclipse. This framework can not only give insights into state-of-the-art testing and leverage current best practices, but it can also be used to direct improvements of testing strategies and tools. The results of the study will be compiled and made available to the community. The research is promoted by the Software Engineering Group at the Delft University of Technology. The study is designed by Michaela Greiler and Arie van Deursen. The website of the study is http://the-eclipse-study.blogspot.com

Michaela Greiler is doing her PhD in the Software Engineering Research Group at the Delft University of Technology. Her research focuses on developing efficient testing methodologies for plug-in based systems, in particular for Eclipse. More information: http://swerl.tudelft.nl/~greiler

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