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EMF Facet : a Non-Intrusive Metamodel Extension Tooling

Frederic Madiot (OBEO ), Gregoire Dupe (SodiFrance (formely Mia software) )

Modeling · Short
Thursday, 11:30, 25 minutes | Seminarräume 5


Tools based on EMF use Ecore as a common standard to represent the data manipulated by the tool. Data is described in terms of a set of entities, attributes, relations and operations.

In many situations (mapping, traceability, statistics, UI customization, etc.), we need to add temporary attributes or references to a metaclass to manipulate derived or transient values.

But extending the data structure of a metamodel implies modifying its Ecore definition, and thus, changing its source code. Unfortunately, it is not always possible.

EMF Facet aims to allow this kind of extension by providing a mechanism to dynamically add attributes, references and operations to existing Ecore definitions without having to modify them. A part of this tooling will be imported from the project MoDisco.

This talk will present the mechanism proposed by EMF Facet and illustrate how it can be used on concrete use-cases. It will also be an opportunity to collect requirements from the modeling community about metamodel extensibility.

Frederic Madiot is the CTO of Mia-Software. He has 15 years of experience in developing model-driven tools to industrialize the development of new applications and the modernization of existing systems. He is co-leader of two Eclipse projects: MoDisco, a model-driven platform to modernize existing systems, and EMF Facet, a non-intrusive metamodel extension tooling.

Grégoire Dupé works as R&D software engineer for Mia-Software and is committer in Eclipse MoDisco project and co-leader of EMF Facet. Before joining Mia-Software, he was a R&D software engineer at Orange Labs where he developed MDA tools dedicated to the telecom services.