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Distributed Version Control - practices from daily work with EGit and MercurialEclipse

Ekkehard Gentz

Other / New & Noteworthy · Short
Thursday, 13:30, 25 minutes | Seminarräume 1-3


Moving to a DVCS
Some months ago I hat to decide which VersionControlSystem (VCS) to use for redView and red-open.
It was clear to use a Distributed Version Control System (DVCS), but it was not easy to decide between Git and Mercurial.
Git and Mercurial
Git will be the future for all Eclipse Projects, but EclipseLabs (based on GoogleCode) uses Mercurial.
HowTo work without the CommandLine
I compared the TeamProviderPlugIns EGit and MercurialEclipse, the goal was to do all from UI (TeamProvider PlugIn) without the need of using the CommandLine.
I know you can do all you want using the CommandLine, but its much easier for new Developers familiar with Eclipse CVS integration to be able to work from UI.
Live Demo
In this session I will demonstrate live some workflows how to use EGit and MercurialEclipse esp. if working with multi-project-repositiories.
Discussion there will be some minutes to discuss - if you want to know more:
You can read about my experiences at my blog series: http://ekkescorner.wordpress.com/blog-series/git-mercurial/ or follow me on twitter @ekkescorner

ekke lives and works as an Independent Software Architect and Senior ERP Consultant in the south of germany.

ekke survived many technologies since more then 30 years- he started development in 1978 using Assembler, Cobol, ..., works with Apple PCs from the beginning and now is a fan of Eclipse, Open Source and Model-Driven-Software-Development in the domain of Enterprise Business Solutions with integrated mobile Solutions.

ekke is Committer of the Eclipse Riena Project and in his customer projects he is using:
OSGI/Equinox, Eclipse RCP, Riena, UML2, EMF, EMFStore, EMFT:MWE, M2T:Xpand/Xtend, Xtext, BlackBerry Eclipse PlugIn and more.

together with Florian Pirchner he\\\'s project lead of Open Source Projects redView (http://redview.org) Riena EMF Dynamic Views and red-open (http://red-open.org) Software Manufactory.

ekke blogs about his experiences at http://ekkes-corner.org and twitters @ekkescorner

If there is some time ;-) ekke likes:
- travelling as backpacker to the island of crete
- making photos of nature
- reading books, listening music...
and of course spend time with his wife and kids.