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The way to Eclipse 4.0 and 4.1

Thomas Schindl (BestSolution ), Boris Bokowski

Eclipse 4.0 (e4) · Short
Wednesday, 11:30, 25 minutes | Bürgersaal 1


In July the first version of Eclipse 4 has been shiped. This talk will look back on the last 2 years. From the first ideas, initial design to the current 4.0 codebase. We will not stop with the current status but are going to explain what we are working on for 4.1 which is the first release targeted at the end users.

Tom is founder and owner of a software company named BestSolution.at which provides development and consultant services in the Java space from J2EE to Eclipse RCP and the new e4-Platform. He\'s committer on various different Eclipse projects (Platform UI, Nebula, UFaceKit) and part of the e4 development team which is working on the next generation of the Eclipse Platform.

Boris is the technical lead of the Eclipse Platform UI team, responsible for the JFace, data binding, Workbench, RCP, and IDE components. He is one of the key people behind the Eclipse 4.0 effort. As an elected committer representative, he serves on the Eclipse Foundation\'s board of directors. Boris works for IBM in Ottawa, Canada.