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EEF : Past, Present and Future

Goulwen Le Fur (OBEO )

Modeling · Short
Wednesday, 16:00, 25 minutes | Silchersaal


The Extended Editing Framework project was integrated in the Eclipse Modeling project in 2009. It provides a modeling/generation based project to easily and quickly create advanced GUIs for EMF model edition.

Now it is integrated into the Eclipse Helios Simultaneous Release and each modeling project user can create forms to edit EMF models. EEF is already integrated in several projects and it is adopted by more and more users every day. Properties views, edition wizards and now form editors, its JFace well-integrated architecture allows it to be used for many modeling needs. Sample like the Eclipse Worldcup Forecast Game show all of its functional scope.

Next step : Indigo ! The two main topics for this release are a full integration with the EMF framework and the use of Acceleo to generate the current EMF.edit code. With these two developments axis completed, EEF will be the future of the EMF.edit framework ! In addition to these, new dedicated widgets and new features will be added to EEF in order to get EMF model edition even sexier !

Goulwen Le Fur is consultant at Obeo. He works on several projects to industrialize software development using pragmatic MDA approaches like DSM, Code generation, ... He is an active user of the Acceleo project and now uses his experience to lead the EEF project in EMFT.