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Easy to go security for the eclipse universe

Elmar Beck (CORISECIO GmbH )

Runtime · Short
Wednesday, 15:00, 25 minutes | Schubartsaal


The secRT (security Run Time) project brings an integrated approach for implementing security functionality to integrate into your solutions. The goal of the secRT project is to provide an extensible security framework based on the proven Eclipse Equinox runtime technology.
This is the talk to attend, if you want to get an overview, of what the secRT project has accomplished so far, and what the roadmap is.
In this talk, we will introduce you to all these secRT security tools with detailed examples of their use. You will learn how to make your Eclipse project a more secure solution, how the loosely coupled but integrated secRT security services can be used in your projects and how fast and with reduced complexity security can be implemented.
The talk demos:
  • How to use certificates, user rights and roles in your projects?
  • How to find and use the secRT security services via your OSGi- Registry?
  • How to extend the secRT for your customers requirements? How to secure your SOA projects with a keystroke?
  • How to differenciate secRT from other (eclipse) security projects?
  • How to work with the secRT team and get the latest secRT?
  • Elmar Eperiesi-Beck is the CTO of CORISECIO and the lead of the Eclipse secRT open source project. He serves as an international consultant and Software Architect at IBM and a few more international companies. In 2002 Elmar was cofounder of CORISECIO and is still the leading head of development beside his management tasks. He is interested in various Eclipse technologies like modeling, IDE and is currently working on Cloud Security projects.