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b3: Evolutionary Change

Henrik Lindberg (Cloudsmith Inc. )

Modeling · Short
Wednesday, 13:30, 25 minutes | Schubartsaal


This talk introduces b3, Eclipse\\\'s third generation build framework. It is the successor for PDE build and Buckminster, combining the best of both with a focus on declarative models that integrate other well-established build technologies such as Ant and Maven. Meaningful improvements to established build environments need to be evolutionary rather than revolutionary so integration with what exists, along with incremental improvements to that established base, are key to long term success. We\\\'ll explore the EMF models being designed as well as demonstrate how Xtext helps provide human readable syntax that sports a greatly improved signal to noise ratio; inscrutable scripts that do more to obscure intent than to elucidate it and are impossible to read not to mention to debug are a thing of the past. A goal of b3 is to support an extensible build engine that\\\'s driven by simple high-level declarative descriptions of what\\\'s available and what needs to be produced. We\\\'ll demonstrate a prototype of all this in action.

Henrik is a founder and CTO of Cloudsmith Inc., an Eclipse strategic. Henrik has over 20 years of experience architecting and developing innovative infrastructure and application software and tooling. Past positions include leadership of BEA\'s Java Run-Time Group (JRockit) and CTO and/or technical founder of several publicly and privately held software companies. Henrik leads the Eclipse b3, Eclipse Buckminster and Spaces projects and is a committer on Eclipse p2, EPP, and CDTK.