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Process Improvement in Distributed Software Development - Using Eclipse with Mercurial and Git (sponsored by Intland)

Dagmar Bisky-Groh (Intland Software GmbH ), Janos Koppany (Intland Software GmbH )

Other / New & Noteworthy · Sponsored
Thursday, 10:55, 30 minutes | Seminarräume 5


Since Linus Torvalds presented his revolutionary invention Git Distributed Version Control Systems (DVCS), its adoption and interest amongst software developers has been consistently rising for such systems. Reaching the limits of legacy version control systems, software developers are seeking alternatives to replace their centralized systems. The Eclipse integration with Distributed Version Control Systems (DVCS) provides key advantages to developers using Centralized Version Control Systems:
* Working in online / offline mode
* Increased collaboration between peers resulting in improved productivity
* Better facilitated development processes
* Less complexity and administration efforts
* Reduced costs for hardware, support and maintenance costs
* Less network load, less dependence on network.
Intland Software is currently developing the MercurialEclipse OpenSource project and the Mylyn MercurialEclipse integration to provide a comprehensive environment for Eclipse developers. The system is also integrated with an ALM system to provide the whole application lifecycle from requirements to release management. The complete environment is suited for online and offline working to utilize the advantages of DVCS and Eclipse together with Mylyn. The presentation gives a short introduction of the major differences between DVCS and hierarchical systems such as Subversion. In our live demo we will present how an Eclipse developer works together with a DVCS Mylyn and ALM system and how the developer interacts with project managers (using a web interface) developing an embedded device.

Janos Koppany is Co-founder and CEO at Intland Software. The company was founded in 1998 with the mission to innovate a new generation of collaborative software development tools to address the escalation in team distribution and ever-increasing project complexity. Intland\'s collaborative software development solutions are used in the automobile, avionics, defence, finance and telecommunications industries by major international organizations. In previous positions Janos Koppany was director marketing and sales at Cygnus (now RedHat) that acquired his formerly established company Multix Software.