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Eclipse Modeling for WTP

Etienne Juliot (OBEO )

Modeling · Short
Thursday, 15:00, 25 minutes | Schubartsaal


This talk will show how Eclipse Modeling technologies could be used to design JavaEE applications.

It will be illustrated by:

  • EMF to design a DSL for WebApp,
  • GMF to design screens, services, entities, enterprise architectures
  • Acceleo to generate to Spring, Struts, Hibernate and others
  • ATL to import UML models

It will show how WTP and EMP fit well together for developers, architects and designers.

It will also prove with the same model how easy are the evolution management with the updating of a generator to target a new JavaEE framework.

Etienne Juliot is one the funder of Obeo company focus on Model Driven tools. He contributes to several Eclipse projects (Acceleo, ATL, EEF, ...) and to several OpenSource communities. He has over 9 years of software architecture experience (information and embedded systems), MDA approach, and Eclipse technologies. He works for very larges companies on reverse engineering projets and specific MDA toolchains, and manages Obeo\'s working tasks inside several large R&D projects for aerospace and automotive industries. Today, he manages Obeo\'s strategy on Eclipse Modeling technologies by driving the Obeo Designer product and the OpenSource business model. He is also involve in Eclipse Foundation as a commiter and a member of the board of directors.