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The Industrialization of the Services Sector

Keynote · Keynote
Thursday, 09:00, 1 hour | Bürgersaal 1


Some decades ago, half of the people worked in agriculture. With machines today, the same task is accomplished by two percent of our population. Fortunately, various industries generated more than enough workplaces to substitute for the loss in agriculture. Then the industry "industrialized" with the introduction of lean management and automation. Fortunately, the services sector generated workplaces. Now, the services sector is industrializing and automating...

The internet and cloud computing are changing banks, insurances, travel agencies, public administration - the internet of things is emerging; everything becomes "global." It's time to think about our future (work). It's time to stop lamenting over "good old premium quality" of classical banks, print media, and taxi drivers who find their way without a system. We have to prepare for the upcoming knowledge society, the "age of excellence." We have to generate new work in nano-tech, bio-tech, med-tech, etc. - and finally, we have to change our own habits of working and learning. IT professionals, for example, will have to manage, communicate, negotiate, structure, coordinate, reason, convince, and collaborate globally. This is their "winds of change." Love it or be industrialized/cloudified.

Dr. Gunter Dück is an IBM Distinguished Engineer and Chief Technologist for strategic direction and cultural change. He founded the Business Intelligence Services (Data Warehouses, Data Mining) for IBM Central Europe. In his current role at IBM Germany he is responsible for business growth of new IT infrastructures and cloud computing. Dr. Dück is an award-winning author whose books include Lean Brain Management – More Success and Efficiency by Saving Intelligence, the triology Omnisophie, Supramanie, and Topothesie, and the novel Ankhaba (where vampires discover the meaning of life). His next book will be a (satirical) management guide on the fastest way to be promoted every year.

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