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Eclipse 4.0 Hackfest

Boris Bokowski, Thomas Schindl (BestSolution ), Kai Toedter (Siemens AG ), Lars Vogel

Eclipse 4.0 (e4) · Symposium
Tuesday, 14:00, 4 hours | Silchersaal


The Eclipse 4.0 hackfest is for those who would like to explore and discuss Eclipse 4.0 and e4 in an informal setting. Our suggestion is to use the time slot as follows:
  • You show up with an interest in Eclipse 4.0, or e4 technology.
  • For three hours, you get to work on a small project related to Eclipse 4.0 or e4. Examples are:
    • Follow one of the on-line tutorials at http://wiki.eclipse.org/Eclipse4/Tutorials.
    • Improve one of the example applications: contacts demo, photo demo, e4 rover client.
    • Write a new Eclipse 4.0 CSS stylesheet for a custom look.
    • ... or whatever interests you.
  • During this time, knowledgeable Eclipse 4 experts will be around to help you, and answer questions
  • For the last hour, you show&tell and we discuss the future of Eclipse 4.

Boris is the technical lead of the Eclipse Platform UI team, responsible for the JFace, data binding, Workbench, RCP, and IDE components. He is one of the key people behind the Eclipse 4.0 effort. As an elected committer representative, he serves on the Eclipse Foundation\'s board of directors. Boris works for IBM in Ottawa, Canada.

Tom is founder and owner of a software company named BestSolution.at which provides development and consultant services in the Java space from J2EE to Eclipse RCP and the new e4-Platform. He\'s committer on various different Eclipse projects (Platform UI, Nebula, UFaceKit) and part of the e4 development team which is working on the next generation of the Eclipse Platform.

Kai Toedter is Senior Engineer/Architect in the Global Technology Field \"System Architecture and Platforms\" of Siemens Corporate Technology. He has more than 14 years of professional Java experience. His main interest is software architecture for smart clients and he focuses on rich client and RIA platforms like. Kai is Siemens\' primary contact in the Eclipse Foundation and he is committer in the e4 project. Kai is an renowned expert in the area of Eclipse RCP and a frequent speaker at international conferences.

Lars Vogel works as a Product Manager at SAP AG and as an independent Java and Eclipse consultant. He is a regular speaker at SAP and Java / Eclipse events and writes Java, Eclipse, Android and Web development tutorials at http://www.vogella.de.