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DOT for Zest

Fabian Steeg (hbz )

Modeling · Poster

This talk has been accepted but has not yet been assigned a time slot.

DOT for Zest is a new component of the GEF project that adds Graphviz DOT support to Zest. Graphviz is a popular graph visualization package that uses a very simple DSL to model the graphs. Zest provides a Java API for creating graphs in SWT applications. DOT for Zest implements the DOT language using Xtext and transforms DOT input to Zest. It also provides DOT export for Zest graphs, and UI elements to edit *.dot files and to render DOT embedded in other content with Zest, e.g. in wiki markup or source comments. More information is available on the DOT for Zest wiki page.

Fabian is a programmer and doctoral candidate, Eclipse committer on Zest, and general code and tools enthusiast.

Download Material

Download file of related material.