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Qualification of Eclipse-based Tools according to ISO 26262

Oscar Slotosch (Validas AG )

Embedded · Short
Thursday, 14:30, 25 minutes | Seminarräume 5


For the development of safety relevant embedded software several standards have to be considered. They include also the tools used for the development of the software (compiler,..). New standards like the ISO 26262 for Automotive domain require not only to qualify the compiler, but to consider all used tools and check wether tool-faults could violate the safety. This affects all tools ranging from requirement and CM tools, via code generators and compilers to testing tools.
In the talk a method will be presented that allows to model the used tools, their errors and the detection of errors. This model allows to automatically determine the required tool confidence level (TCL) for any tool in the modeled process. The TCL and the Safety Integrity Level (SIL) determine the required tool qualification methods, for example 'Development according to a safety standard', or 'Validation with a Validation Suite'. The method is demonstrated by a small example and an EMF based RCP Application that automatically determines the TCL.
Since many tools are developed based on eclipse with many different plugins it is shown how the method for the determination of the TCL can be applied to analyse the used plugins be analyzing their dependencies. The developed Tool Chain Analyzer itself has been analyzed as an example and a dependecy and flow graph has been calculated from it.
Based on this method eclipse-based tools could be qualified for the development of safety critical embedded applications.

Oscar Slotosch is the CEO of Validas AG and expert in model-based software development, model-based test and tool qualification in the area of embedded software (automotive and avionik). Oscar Slotosch has studied computer Science at Technical University of Munich and completed a Dr. (phd) thesis in the formal methods area. In the year 2000 Oscar Slotosch was a founder of Validas AG.

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