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Code and Belief

Keynote · Keynote
Wednesday, 09:00, 1 hour | Bürgersaal 1


The concepts of software and code development are currently transformed by vertically integrated businesses. With the unification of hardware, services, code and user data crucial questions regarding development ethics, data politics, business values and belief systems arise.

Those transformations are already affecting the progress of services, technologies and societies. They are not only endangering sharing, tinkering and open source, but they increasingly resemble the trench battles of belief and religion, a fall back into the dark middle ages, where the church with its rigid organizational structure and the iron fist of the Spanish inquisition dictated the space of the arts and the sciences.

Openness, coding, breaking and playing are essential fibers of that patchwork we call "society". The speech will examine the relevance of believing, of trusting, hacking and tinkering as socially relevant functions, explore the history of religion and hacking, investigate the similarities between market monopolization, religious dogma and catholic devices as the Apple Ipad, and demonstrate the relevance of date politics and code ethics.

Professor Hendrik Speck is a Professor of Digital Media at the University of Applied Sciences Kaiserslautern, Department of Computer Sciences. The focus of his work includes media theory and philosophy, information operations and systems, open source, e-Learning, cyberwar, netwar, ethical, social and legal implications and limitations. Professor Speck is an artist and designer whose photographs and artwork have appeared in many publications. He is a frequent contributor to print, broadcast, and online media, and is the co-author of several books, including Medien auf Abruf - Folgen der Individualisierung für die Kommunikationsgesellschaft and Suchen und Finden im Internet. He is a regular speaker and conference panelist, based in Germany and New York.