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Case study: Bonita Open Solution 5, Leverage Eclipse projects to build an integrated BPM solution

Mickael Istria (Red Hat, Inc. ), Aurelien Pupier

Other / New & Noteworthy · Poster

This talk has been accepted but has not yet been assigned a time slot.

Final users prefer integrated software. Having to use different products for a single objective is not very desirable, but developers know technology integration is not always easy. With this poster, we will show how the Eclipse platform can help you efficiently build integrated software that can handle many different components. Using Bonita as an example, we will show how we leveraged Eclipse wealth to build a software product fully integrated with many successful projects like EMF/GMF, Groovy Eclipse, Jetty, Birt, GWT, Hibernate, EMFT M2M.
For this poster presentation, we will be there to discuss technical choices made by Bonita developers. For example, we will talk about GMF customization, release engineering, testing, and so on.

PS: We presented this poster at the last EclipseCon, and it received good feedbacks and interest.

Mickael is an R&D engineer and RCP developer at BonitaSoft. He participates on the development of Bonita Open Solution Studio, an Eclipse based Open source BPM solution.
Previously, he has already worked on different Eclipse-related project. He was the main developer of Scarbo during one year. He was also an active comitter on Java Workflow Tooling project during one year and half.

Aurelien Pupier get in touch with Eclipse Community and technologies as he was the main developer of JASMINe Design, a GMF-based feature. After this, he joined BonitaSoft to work on the development of Bonita Open Solution Studio, an Eclipse-based Open Source BPM solution.

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