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A regular day as an Eclipse Committer

Benjamin Muskalla (Tasktop ), Wayne Beaton (Eclipse Foundation ), Janet Campbell (Eclipse Foundation )

Other / New & Noteworthy · Short
Wednesday, 14:00, 25 minutes | Silchersaal


What is New & Noteworthy for an Eclipse Release is the topic of most of the talks we see at conferences. We see all the new features, we may talk about fixed bugs in the last release and about that the project team could do in the future. But what happens behind the scenes? How does the Eclipse community--with the help of the Foundation, the committers, contributors, and users--build a highly sophisticated software platform? What are the obstacles (from technical ones to legal)? We show you how a regular user of Eclipse became an active committer, the obstacles that were in his way, how cross-project features can be done together, and why it is so much fun to be part of the Eclipse Ecosystem. We will show you how to get a backstage pass to the Eclipse community, how to involve yourself in decisions, and how to help projects to stay on track.

Benjamin Muskalla is a software developer at Tasktop Technologies in Munich, Germany. He is an active committer on the Rich Ajax Platform (RAP) project and EGit, the Git integration for Eclipse. He also contributes to several other Eclipse projects including Mylyn, Platform UI and JDT. In the past 6 years, he contributed to the Eclipse community from several angles - writing bugs, code and documentation and gaining experience of agile methods. Working with Eclipse, Mylyn and the community provides his daily motivation to improve the tools and the ecosystem even more.