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Modeling in the Cloud

Ed Merks

Modeling · Short
Thursday, 14:30, 25 minutes | Bürgersaal 1


The Eclipse Modeling Framework (EMF) is well recognized for providing the ability to generate a fully functional application based on a simple model description. At its inception, EMF targeted the Eclipse IDE. When Rich Client Platform (RCP) came into the picture, EMF evolved to add that target to its repertoire. During the Helios release, full support for Rich Ajax Platform (RAP) was added, as well as preliminary support for Google Web Toolkit (GWT). EMF\'s foray into the cloud is a clear demonstration of the power that is modeling, i.e., the ability to adapt quickly to a changing technological landscape. In this long talk we will demonstrate EMF\'s extensive support for GWT. The core EMF runtime itself has been ported and the generator has been extended to generate models for that runtime. Instances of these models are serializable by GWT and can be used as arguments in remote services. Not only that, we\'ve extended EMF\'s RESTful resource APIs to support asynchronous communication and persistence via App Engine\'s datastore. We\'ll show how to generate an application that fully exploits these capabilities and then explore its underlying mechanisms, e.g., high performance binary serialization and asynchronous proxy resolution, in detail.