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Getting started with Graphiti

Michael Wenz (SAP AG )

Modeling · Short
Thursday, 14:00, 25 minutes | Silchersaal


Graphiti is a new project under the Graphical Modeling Project (GMP) that offers an Eclipse-based graphics framework to enable easy development of state-of-the-art diagram editors for domain models. SAP has built and contributed this framework to the Eclipse Modeling project.

Graphiti diagrams are described by an EMF model while on the domain side all kinds of Java domain models are supported; the best integration can of course be achieved with EMF models also on the domain side.

The framework itself utilizes Eclipse's Draw2D and GEF for diagramming, but is generally open for attaching other rendering technologies and hides them under an easy and straightforward Java API. That is why a Developer needs to know JAVA and EMF only to build an editor -- no knowledge of Draw2D or GEF is required.

Editors built with the framework are equipped with a standardized look and feel which leads to a more coherent UI in Eclipse-based tools. The framework supports rapid prototyping and evolutionary tool development by providing simple APIs and rich default implementations that can be used to start-out with a very basic editor and refine it step-by-step.

This talk gives an insight into this new framework, shows exemplary tools that were built on top of it and typical coding a tool developer needs to implement in order to build a tool on top of Graphiti.

Michael Wenz works as Senior Developer at SAP AG in the area of Eclipse-based tool infrastructure and model-driven development. He is the project lead of the Graphiti project at Eclipse.


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