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Fun with Remote Services

Wim Jongman (Industrial TSI ), Markus Kuppe

Runtime · Short
Wednesday, 16:00, 25 minutes | Seminarräume 1-3


Two complex disciplines in Software Development are Service Architecture and Distributed Programming. Being able to quickly deliver robust applications that use these two techniques is difficult. And this in turn can reduce fun.

In this short talk we are going to show you how the Eclipse Communication Framework Project (ECF) and OSGi have managed to simplify both techniques. It shows that even mortal programmers have the ability to quickly create applications that are both SOA and Distributed. This means more focus on the domain and less focus on the technique.

We aim to demonstrate how easy it is to use the ECF implementations of the OSGi Remote Services Specification.

After this we take it one step further and we will show you how you can add the ECF discovery mechanism. This will eliminate the need for wiring consumers and providers together which reduces overall system administration.

During the talk we will also discuss Distributed Programming best practices, pitfalls and nice-to-knows. We will touch stuff like Timing, Async vs Sync calls, Futures and Callbacks.

Confused about Eclipse Distributed Programming? You won't be after this episode of "Fun with Remote Services"

About Wim Jongman

Software Developer. Managing Director of Remain Software and Industrial-TSI. Eclipse Member, Committer for ECF and Nebula.

His main work area is the software development life cycle.

Other areas of interest are life, the universe and everything else.

Markus Alexander Kuppe is a masters student of Complex Distributed Systems at the University of Hamburg. Before, he used to work as a software engineer at Versant Corp. focusing on OSGi technology in the object oriented database space. Besides being a contributor to various aspects of Eclipse, he is a committer on the SoC project, Orbit, the Eclipse Communication Framework (ECF) project as well as the Java SLP implementation jSLP. Here his main occupation is with (OSGi) service discovery and remoting. He is an open source enthusiast at heart ever since his first project in 2001. His personal blog can be found at http://www.kuppe.org/


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