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Hello Android : Using Eclipse for Android Development

Ayushman Jain

Embedded · Short
Wednesday, 17:00, 25 minutes | Bürgersaal 1


Android is the open source mobile platform introduced by Google. It has emerged lately as a very popular platform for new age smartphones. It has become a favourite with the developer community, since its API's are well documented and its apps can be written in JAVA. A plugin called Android Development Tools (ADT) turns Eclipse into a powerful tool for developing Android apps. This talk dives into the wonderful world of Android programming inside Eclipse and explores all the amazing features of Eclipse that simplify writing, deploying and even testing and debugging an app. This is demonstrated through a simple Hello world application and the android emulator. It will also briefly touch upon the Android terminology and summarize about different aspects of an Android app. This talk will greatly benefit anyone who wants to start off on Android development, or even those who want to port their apps built on other platforms onto Android. It also showcases how Eclipse has become ubiquitous in the area of mobile development with Android. It is intended to be less pedantic, and more demonstrative, to show not just how Eclipse makes Android programming simple, but also fun! So if you just bought an Android device, here's your chance to write your own cool app and show it off to the world!

Ayushman is a software Engineer at IBM India Software Labs and an Eclipse JDT/Core committer. He is an Eclipse enthusiast and evangelist, leading the Eclipse@Campus and Eclipse Campus Ambassador Programme(www.eclipse.org/campus) in India. He\'s a frequent speaker at Eclipse summits in India and organizes Eclipse workshops at universities. He has also written a developerWorks article on Android development in Eclipse which is under the final stages of review.

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