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RT Tutorial and Demo Camp

Andreas Hoegger (Business Systems Integration AG ), Gianfranco Boccalon (Engineering Group ), Shaun Smith (Oracle ), Doug Clarke (Oracle ), Christopher Frost (GoPivotal, Inc. ), Angelo Bernabei (Engineering Group ), Andrea Zoppello (Engineering Group ), Matthias Zimmermann (Business Systems Integration AG ), Greg Wilkins (Intalio Inc. )

Runtime · Tutorial
Tuesday, 09:00, 4 hours | Schubartsaal


With the Eclipse community expanding its offerings in the Runtime space (Eclipse RT) many developers are interested in figuring out what this means and how they can leverage Eclipse RT projects. This RT tutorial and demo-camp will allow developers to get first hand experience using a variety of RT technologies as well as observing demos. The session will be broken into two sections:

Web to DB Tutorial: This tutorial will walk attendees through the construction of a simple OSGi Web application that uses a few of the available Eclipse RT projects including Jetty, EclipseLink, and Equinox. The hands on portion of this tutorial will be developed using the Eclipse IDE which offers excellent support for JSP/JSF (Jetty), JPA (EclipseLink), and OSGi (Equinox) development. The combination of Eclipse RT and the Eclipse IDE provides an ideal development environment for the tutorial and we will see how projects like Dali, PDE, and WTP JSF tools provide a complete build, edit, debug environment for Eclipse RT development.

Demos: A variety of interesting RT related demos will be presented with an opportunity for questions.

  • Building Cloud Applications
  • eBAM
  • eBPM
  • Virgo
  • Scout

Andreas Michael Hoegger (andreas.hoegger@bsiag.com) works as System Architect for Business Systems Integration AG (Switzerland), one of the main CRM solution providers in Switzerland. For years he has been working with Java-EE, Eclipse and SOA. Andreas is a co-lead of the Eclipse Scout project.

Gianfranco, Spagic and Spago Project Leader, is a Senior Consultant at Engineering Ingegneria Informatica with long experience in the IT field. He has valuable expertise in J2EE architectures and frameworks, in the SOA environment and in software development methods, with a specific focus on performance testing and measurements. Before joining SpagoWorld team, he worked in the development of CAD applications and in consultancy and software development of financial applications. He is currently working on Spagic evolution in the SOA domain.

Shaun Smith is a Principal Product Manager for Oracle TopLink and an active member of the Eclipse community. He\'s Ecosystem Development Lead for the EclipseLink project and a committer on the Eclipse Gemini Enterprise Modules, and the Dali Java Persistence Tools projects. He’s currently working on OSGi persistence and Oracle TopLink Grid, which integrates Oracle Coherence with EclipseLink JPA to provide \'JPA on the Grid\'. \'Follow

Doug Clarke is a lead of the EclipseLink project and member of the RT PMC and Architecture Council within the Eclipse Eco-system. Doug also functions as the director or Product Management for Oracle Fusion Middleware with responsibility for Oracle TopLink.

Chris has been a professional Java developer for 8 years and has spent the last 3 working for SpringSource on the dm Server/Virgo project. As well as enjoying working in an open source community as a Virgo committer he is interested in software design and the modularisation of web applications. When not at work he likes learning about new technologies and occasionally jumps out of aeroplanes (for fun).

Angelo is an IT Senior Solution Architect. He has been operating several years in the design and development of business applications on different markets: industry, finance, local government and public health, as well as in different thematic areas such as Register, CRM, Enterprise Portal, Security and Asset Allocation. He has consolidated experience in designing Java Enterprise architectures, in open source frameworks and in the application of software development methodologies. He is currently involved in SpagoBI and eBAM designing and he supports enterprise projects using SpagoBI and eBAM platform.

Andrea is an IT Solution Architect, with ten-year experience in web application design and development, Java Enterprise and EAI open source frameworks. He is currently working on Spagic design and development as well as on projects focused on EAI, Busineess Process Management, Workflow and Data Integration. He is currently leading eBPM project and involved in the design and the development of Spagic project. He\'s also an active eclipse committer on Mangrove STP/IM project.

Matthias Zimmermann: (matthias.zimmermann@bsiag.com) Matthias works as a project manager for Business Systems Integration AG (Switzerland). In addition to the Eclipse Scout project he is interested in pattern recognition, soaring, and raising his kids. Matthias is a co-lead of the Eclipse Scout project.

Greg Wilkins is the lead developer of the Jetty HTTP server and servlet container project, which he initiated in 1995. Greg is also a contributor to several other open source projects and an active participant in the development of web standards at the IETF and JCP. Greg was a founder of Mort Bay Consulting and Webtide. He is now working as the chief architect of Intalio|Webtide.