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Yoxos 5 Released: Scaling software development (sponsored by EclipseSource)

Jordi Boehme Lopez (EclipseSource), Jochen Krause (EclipseSource)

Other / New & Noteworthy · Sponsored
Thursday, 13:30, 25 minutes | Seminarräume 5


Working with highly modular software provides great benefits to the adopters of Eclipse but also presents significant challenges in terms of syncing tools between teams and projects. Yoxos, the Eclipse distribution technology from EclipseSource, has been re-architected to address the team / project association and to scale from small teams to large enterprises. Developers can now easily associate development workspaces with tool configurations, share them with team members or simply store the configurations in their established Source Code Management Systems to restore them at any point in time.

We will demonstrate how to get started with Yoxos in less than 2 minutes and how to address common use cases like including your own open or commercial software, sharing workspace configurations and managing the update of tools for distributed teams. Throughout the talk we highlight the many new and innovative features of the new Yoxos 5 release and point to use cases in the tooling, application, server-side and embedded spaces. If you use Eclipse, Yoxos can help. Join us to find out how.

Jochen Krause co-leads the Eclipse Rich Ajax Platform (RAP) and Eclipse Runtime projects, and is a member of the Eclipse Foundation Board of Directors and Architecture Council. Jochen has had a leadership role in the Eclipse community since its inception in 2002, and today is focused on driving Eclipse to be an application platform for web and desktop. Jochen is a founder of EclipseSource and has been bringing Eclipse technology to enterprise customers, while guiding strategic technical contributions to Eclipse. EclipseSource staff are involved in many Eclipse projects such as Equinox, PDE, RAP, ECF, p2, Riena, Eclipse Packaging and g-Eclipse.