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Sabre and Eclipse RCP Power the Travel Industry

Lukasz Milewski

Eclipse 4.0 (e4) · Short
Thursday, 15:00, 25 minutes | Bürgersaal 1


Sabre Travel Network, the leading provider of high performance solutions for the travel industry, has announced the global launch of Sabre Red, an innovative total travel solution designed to help travel agencies drive customer loyalty and power business performance, resulting in increased revenues, improved efficiency and reduced costs. Our implementation of Eclipse RCP delivers to the world a new travel agency desktop application called the Sabre Red Workspace and was delivered to market with great success and fanfare in July. In this session, we will: • Tell you more about the business, solutions and customers of Sabre Travel Network • Talk about why we created a new technology platform for our travel agency desktop using the latest Eclipse technologies • Talk about why the security, performance, and stability are critical to travel agencies, and how Eclipse helped us address those needs • Describe how we have integrated the many tools (Web-based and client applications) that Sabre provides its customers on to Eclipse RCP • Our innovations for Sabre Red Workspace include: o Future plug-in capability for developers to add their apps to the Sabre Red Workspace o Use of Eclipse for the travel industry at an unprecedented scale o A "configuration manager" built on the Eclipse platform that enables travel agencies to define what features and functions their travel agents have on their desktop As a working product on Eclipse RCP, with thousands of users installed in since its introduction in July 2010, the Sabre Red Workspace is a travel industry first that shows that Sabre is an innovator in travel technology, and that the Eclipse Platform is a powerful technology serving our industry. This session will be led by Lukasz Milewski - Developer, Sabre Holdings, Krakow Poland