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The BIRT Tutorial: Let us talk BIRT-y to you

Mica J. Block

Runtime · Tutorial
Tuesday, 09:00, 4 hours | Seminarräume 5


The "BIRT Tutorial: Let us talk BIRT-y to you" course is a short, four-hour instructor-led training session designed to help users get a taste of BIRT and create their first reports.

It includes sample chapters taken from our full BIRT training course:
  • Creating a simple listing report
  • Formatting a report
  • Creating reports that use parameters
  • Creating charts
  • Creating hyper-links
  • Using Flash gadgets
Attendees receive a training manual and CD with exercises and a 45-day trial of Actuate’s BIRT Report Designer Professional.

Mica Block has over 19 years of experience in the software industry in various roles including product management and technical sales. Mica joined Actuate in January 1996 prior to release 1.0 and has been responsible for helping build and guide the technical sales force. Prior to Actuate Mica worked for other major software companies such as Sybase and Information Builders. Mica Block has been involved in the BIRT project from the beginning in assisting and guiding the project team from a report developers point of view. Currently Mica Block is the Director of the ACES (Actuate Corporate Engineers). This is a team of engineers that provides the Actuate sales force with high-level technical support. This support includes Proof of Concepts, System Architecture Design, Scalability Tests, and various other high level meetings as needed by the Actuate sales force. Mica Block has specific expertise in the following areas: 1. Report Design 2. Internationalization and Localization 3. Actuate architecture and infrastructure 4. Performance and scalability. In this area Mica has performed numerous benchmarks at customer sites and industry leading performance labs.