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Dynamic EMF Views (not only) for OSGI Business Applications

Ekkehard Gentz, Florian Pirchner

Modeling · Short
Wednesday, 17:00, 25 minutes | Silchersaal


ekke and flo will talk about redView (Riena EMF Dynamic Views) - an Open Source Project to ease development of Business UI.
Overview ( 10 min)
Using redView its very comfortable to design UI, because redView provides a WYSIWYG SWT editor:
the UI Designer can use Drag'n'Drop to reorder elements
an Outline View can be used to insert or move elements
from the Properties View all SWT properties can be changed
Copy / Paste between different Views and EMF Undo functionality makes it easy to correct a mistake
Templates make it easy to construct complex elements like TabFolder

redView UI is based on EMF Model. These Models can per ex. be generated using the Open Source Project red-open - a software manufactory, itself using openArchitectureWare (EMTF:MWE, M2T:Xpand/Xtend).

redView SWT Views are rendered dynamically and Design changes can be pushed live into running RCP Applications using EMFStore.

RCP Applications are not the only use-case - redView is also a great tool for Prototyping: Developer, Designer and Business Users can work distributed on the same View models.

Another use-case of redView is working with Web-Services:
transforming models from WSDL and XSD

redView also supports: Localizing (labels, enums, …), Lookup, Search, Navigation, CRUD UI and more. Views can be nested and a VisibilityProcessor manages what should be visible depending from Java Type, Collection size etc.

To be flexible redView uses Declarative Services (Equinox OSGI) and ExtensionPoints. redView's EMF models can be extended - so you can write your own Validators, Converters or VisibilityDescriptors.

redView provides customizable LookAndFeel, where Fonts, Sizes, Colors etc. depend on running OS (Windows, OSX, Linux).
redView will support RAP and e4 together with Riena 3.0 and Eclipse 3.7

Live Demo (10 min)

we'll demonstrate live - pushing design changes from editor (IDE) into running RCP applications. The magic in this case is done using an EMFStore repository.

You'll also see how easy it is to create redView Views using the WYSIWYG editor from scratch.

Summary ( 5 min)

to get more info visit http://redview.org, follow @ekkescorner at twitter or ekkes blog at http://ekkes-corner.org.
redview is also available from EclipseLabs http://code.google.com/a/eclipselabs.org/p/redview/

ekke lives and works as an Independent Software Architect and Senior ERP Consultant in the south of germany.

ekke survived many technologies since more then 30 years- he started development in 1978 using Assembler, Cobol, ..., works with Apple PCs from the beginning and now is a fan of Eclipse, Open Source and Model-Driven-Software-Development in the domain of Enterprise Business Solutions with integrated mobile Solutions.

ekke is Committer of the Eclipse Riena Project and in his customer projects he is using:
OSGI/Equinox, Eclipse RCP, Riena, UML2, EMF, EMFStore, EMFT:MWE, M2T:Xpand/Xtend, Xtext, BlackBerry Eclipse PlugIn and more.

together with Florian Pirchner he\\\'s project lead of Open Source Projects redView (http://redview.org) Riena EMF Dynamic Views and red-open (http://red-open.org) Software Manufactory.

ekke blogs about his experiences at http://ekkes-corner.org and twitters @ekkescorner

If there is some time ;-) ekke likes:
- travelling as backpacker to the island of crete
- making photos of nature
- reading books, listening music...
and of course spend time with his wife and kids.

Florian is working as an ERP software developer for 11 years. As a project lead of redView he is very interested in model based eclipse technologies which are linking the runtime part.

together with Ekkehard Gentz he is project lead of Open Source Projects redView (http://redview.org) Riena EMF Dynamic Views and red-open (http://red-open.org) Software Manufactory.