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Speaker Registration Instructions

Discounts on registration fees for speakers are provided through speaker coupon codes. If you are using a speaker discount, please do not register before you receive the coupon code.

If your talk has more than one presenter, the additional presenters register and pay at the normal conference attendee price.

Please note that speaker discounts may not be combined with a MEMBER, COMMITTER, or ALUMNI discount. Speaker discounts may not be combined for those presenters giving multiple talks.

Step-by-Step Instructions for Speakers Using the Speaker Coupon Code

Please read and follow these instructions carefully and completely.

  1. After your talk is accepted, you will receive an automated email containing a link to your individual speaker agreement. Please use that link to e-sign your speaker agreement. If a talk has more than one presenter, each presenter must sign the agreement before the speaker coupon code is sent. Once all the speaker agreements are signed...
  2. A speaker coupon code will be sent to you. If there are multiple speakers, you must decide among yourselves who is going to use the coupon code and who is going to register normally.
  3. Next, go to the ESE 2010 registration system.
  4. On the first page, enter your last name and email address. Then select the "Speaker" attendee role and enter your coupon code before continuing.
  5. Continue through the rest of the registration process.
  6. Your registration fee should reflect your speaker discount. If it does not, please email us.
  7. If you have a balance due, pay the amount to activate your registration.

Step-by-Step Instructions for Additional Speakers (those not using the speaker coupon code)

  1. Go to the ESE 2010 registration system.
  2. On the first page, enter your last name and email address. Then select the "Speaker" attendee role. If you qualify to use one of the 15%-off coupon codes (ALUMNI, MEMBER, COMMITTER, etc.) enter that code in the Coupon Code box before continuing.
  3. Continue normally through the rest of the registration process.
  4. Pay the amount due to activate your registration.


  • If you receive the error message "The coupon code you entered has reached its maximum number of uses" please check that you selected "Speaker" as your attendee role. If you selected any of the other attendee roles, your coupon code will fail with that (somewhat confusing) error message.
  • If you correctly selected "Speaker" and you are still receiving the error message, then one of your co-authors has already used the coupon code for your session. Please continue your registration without using the Speaker coupon code.
  • If you receive the error message "We cannot find the coupon code you entered. Please re-enter the code and try again or contact an event representative" please check that you entered the discount code correctly. Capitalization and extra white space are significant.
  • If you begin registration and find you've entered the wrong coupon code and need to make a change, please email us so we can make this adjustment this for you.

Should you have any problems or questions that these instructions do not answer, please contact ESE 2010 Operations by email or phone (+1-503-252-5458).