The p2 provisioning platform

Henrik Lindberg (Cloudsmith Inc. )

Runtime · Short
Thursday, 16:00, 20 minutes | Bürgersaal 1


One of the more significant platform-level changes made recently in Eclipse was the introduction of the p2 provisioning framework. It was introduced in the Ganymede release, and has now in Galileo matured and completely replaced the older update manager. This talk presents how p2 works and options available to you when building and provisioning your applications. Some of the key areas we intend to cover are: Architectural Overview Project update - what is new in Galileo Adopting p2 at build time Extending the Installation process with your own touchpoints and provisioning actions Integration into your application

Henrik is a founder and CTO of Cloudsmith Inc., an Eclipse strategic member and EclipseCon Gold Sponsor. Henrik has over 20 years of experience architecting and developing innovative infrastructure and application software and tooling. Past positions include leadership of BEA's Java Run-Time Group (JRockit) and CTO and/or technical founder of several publicly and privately held software companies. Henrik leads the Eclipse Buckminster and Spaces projects and is a committer on Eclipse p2, and EPP.

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