Accelerating Graphics Output with OpenVG

Michael Schulze (MicroDoc Computersystems GmbH )

Embedded · Short
Thursday, 11:40, 20 minutes | Silchersaal


This presentation will give you an overview of options for graphics acceleration on embedded devices and will focus on the use of the OpenVG vector graphics API. In particular, the speaker will explain the architecture and the programming model of "Java bindings for OpenVG" which MicroDoc published under EPL

Developers of low powered handheld devices, like mobile phones, are facing increased demand for lively, animated graphics, and at the same time, they need to keep CPU usage down to a minimum for power saving. Hardware graphics accelerators are a common solution for this dilemma, and OpenVG is going to be one of the popular implementations in the near future.

After you have seen this talk, you have a good understanding of the advantages of using OpenVG in the context of eRCP programming. The presentation will be complemented by live demos on actual OpenVG Hardware (Freescale iMX35 under WinCE 6.0) that show the impressive performance gain compared to traditional GDI programming.

Michael Schulze is a software engineer and consultant at MicroDoc Computersystems GmbH in Munich. Experienced in the enterprise application world he is now focusing on software development for embedded systems, resource and performance awareness and concurrency. He helped redesigning large scale enterprise applications, straightening development processes and engineered the technical groundworks for numerous embedded projects. Michael holds a german Diplom degree in Computer Science from the FH Brandenburg.

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