Massively Concurrent UIs

Mattias Bybro

Other, N&N · Short
Thursday, 16:00, 20 minutes | Seminarräume 5


This talk features the must-know, must-have concurrency concepts for a snappy, responsive, and thread-safe UI application. It will all be illustrated using tennis balls, buckets, and a herd of zestful junior developers acting as threads. We'll start off by sharing some concurrency horror stories and then how to create concurrent yet correct and testable applications. Next, we'll show how using concurrency properly will create a better user experience.

EXAMPLES from RCP apps, including "The Search-as-you-type Textbox", "The Lengthy Computation Feedback", and "How to Download a Million Pictures into One Scrollable Table"

CONCEPTS and TECHNIQUES such as actors, futures, the Jobs API and pointers to some lesser known JFace APIs (eg lazy tree content providers).

BONUS TRACK: how do I become a more zestful developer?

Break free from all that error-prone, nerve-wrecking, stress-inducing thread handling, unfreeze that frozen or lagging UI, get rid of those weird and subtle concurrency bugs!

Mattias Bybro is a Senior Software Developer at Purple Scout and has been developing Eclipse plugins, RCPs and SDKs professionally for more than three years. Besides his main responsibility as software developer, Mattias has on several occasions been responsible for creating and teaching courses in Eclipse plugin development and other software related subjects. Mattias holds a M. Sc. in Computer Science from Stockholm University.

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