Starting with Java EE was never easier

Kaloyan Raev (Zend Technologies )

Other, N&N · Long
Thursday, 14:20, 40 minutes | Seminarräume 5


Java EE beginners typically find difficulties with starting with some simple, but meaningful application. The standard Java EE application consists of persistence layer, business logic, and nice-looking UI. This means that learning of several specifications like JPA, EJB, Servlet, JSP, JSF, etc is needed. It is hard to achieve basic understanding quickly. It takes days before beginners can construct this technology stack correctly on their own.

There are lots of best practices and patterns already established in the Java EE development. It would be really helpful if we have them implemented as wizards in the IDE. Most of the needed operations are already there: for creating projects, beans, JSPs, etc. We just need the glue to assemble them in complete scenarios and unload beginners from the burden to find the correct order and parameters of the actions by themselves. Here comes the new Eclipse Pave project that has started its incubation recently. The initial contribution comes with a couple of patterns that enable developers to start playing with a complete Java EE application in a minute.

However, the scope of the Eclipse Pave project is not limited to just Java EE. The project goal is to provide a framework that enables chaining of already existing operations in scenarios that a frequently executed by users. Especially, scenarios that have been established as best practices - we call them patterns. The second part of the talk we will take an overview of the Pave framework and what power it gives to plug-in developers to easily construct their own patterns by reusing the big variety of operations and wizard pages that are already defined in Eclipse.

Note: This talk does not pretend to demonstrate any new features from the Galileo release, although some of them could be pointed in the context of demonstrations. This main goal of this talk is unveil what's cooking in the incubator at the moment. The demonstrated features are planned to be part of the 2010 (Helios) release.

Kaloyan Raev is a committer in the Eclipse Web Tools Platform project. He executes the roles of EJB Tools project lead, PMC member and User Experience lead.

Kaloyan is employed by SAP Labs Bulgaria. There he works in the SAP NetWeaver division towards aligning the Java EE toolset of the SAP NetWeaver Developer Studio with the Eclipse WTP project.

You may visit Kaloyan's blog for some shared thoughts on Eclipse.

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