Fighting your way through the jungle of test automation: a checklist

, Hans-J. Brede (BREDEX GmbH )

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Wednesday, 17:10, 40 minutes | Seminarräume 2-4


Making the switch to automated functional testing can seem daunting. There is a wealth of information available, and a great deal of details you’re sure you should be thinking of but don’t necessarily know. Which aspects are important, which are less important? Obviously, many priorities are individual to specific projects, but a list of points to consider would be a great help when faced with the choices available.

Based on our experiences with customers searching for test tools, and our own experiences of writing automated tests and developing a test tool, we’d like to present a tool-neutral checklist of aspects to think about when starting out automating tests.

The checklist is divided into 5 areas:

Participants will benefit from our expertise and experience in a variety of test projects and learn what to consider when starting automation. After the talk, the checklist will be made available for download.

Alexandra earned a degree and an MA in linguistics from York University before starting work at Bredex GmbH. She is engaged in various roles in the product development process, including conception, design and planning as well as documentation, web demos and customer support. She knows enough about Java to understand the developers, but not enough to stop her understanding the customers!

Hans-Joachim (Achim) Brede is the founder of BREDEX GmbH and is one of the managing directors of the company. He has implemented and managed multiple, highly complex customer projects and is responsible for the concepts in the development of the automated test tool GUIdancer. Achim holds a Masters in Computer Science and has worked with the University of Braunschweig and Digital Equipment as a technical consultant. He was elected to the Eclipse Board of Directors in 2009.

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