Eclipse: New life for a mature language

Andreas Voigt

IDEs · Sponsored
Wednesday, 14:20, 40 minutes | Seminarräume 2-4


The Eclipse Platform is an ideal starting point to create an IDE for scripting languages, because of it's frameworks that allow developers to quickly set up a new development environment. But the implementation of a full featured custom IDE integration is still troublesome and a lot of work. The presentation will demonstrate by using a real world example what problems can arise and how to tackle them.

The Barracuda project [1] was created to modernize the runtime and development platform for a legacy scripting language called JPL originating back to the late 80's. Panther is a business-oriented 4 th generation scripting language with rich database access and GUI support. When planning to modernize a legacy language, the IDE plays an important role because it is the most visible component for the developers and has a huge impact on the productivity.

Many huge ERP-style applications (with more than 4 mio. lines of code) that have been implemented with Panther [2] are now running on top of the Barracuda platform. Beside the runtime Barracuda contains a full fledged IDE that supports:

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