Searching with SMILA: An Eat-Your-Own-Dog-Food Experiment

Ralph Traphoener

Runtime · Sponsored
Thursday, 10:30, 40 minutes | Seminarräume 2-4


SMILA (SeMantic Information Logistics Architecture) shall facilitate the quick deployment of applications for processing unstructured information. Is it true? Given 5 person days of man-power and the eclipse web site, is it possible to create a search application with SMILA? To prepare this talk, we have conducted the experiment and report on the findings.

The focus of the talk will be on the features and the design of the experimental application. We will demo the result and discuss what is achievable with a limited amount of resources. What are the features and what design decisions were made? Given more time, what would be different? The objective of the talk, is to explore the potential as well as the limitations of SMILA from a technical and economic perspective. Although not going into the coding details, we will conclude with some implications on further development directions and promising fields of application.

After studying computer science and business administration at the University of Kaiserslautern, focusing on practical applications, in particular in AI and Case-Based Reasoning, Ralph Traphöner co-founded the company TECINNO, today a part of Empolis, in 1991. On behalf of Empolis he managed more than 20 research projects, e.g. INRECA I and II (Induction and Reasoning from Cases. His current research work focuses on semantic information access. Ralph Traphöner also acts as advisor, evaluator and reviewer for the Fifth and Sixth Framework Programme for Research of the EU and has contributed as an expert to the EP2010 study. Expertise: Semantic Web, Case-Based Reasoning, Intelligent Information Retrieval, Electronic Commerce, Knowledge Management and Artificial Intelligence.

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