Symposium on Eclipse Foundation 2.0

Frank Gerhardt

Other, N&N · Symposia
Tuesday, 18:00, 2 hours | Silchersaal


This symposium is for the Eclipse community to discuss the future of the Eclipse Foundation. We particularly urge current members and committers to participate.

The Eclipse Foundation has done a great job to bring the Eclipse ecosystem forward to the point where it is today. Its design is a major innovation and made it more successful than other organizations, e.g. the ones behind the Apache, Linux and GNU.

However, times are changing. The Foundation needs an update. Let\\\'s call it f2.

The Eclipse Foundation has to deal with a significant change in membership and availability of resources. However, the next major release e4 requires a large investment of manpower. Being recognized as a Java IDE is not enough any more - developers need more support for working in teams and other languages. Eclipse is used today already as a technology stack but it\\\'s not marketed as such. On the other hand, the direction of Eclipse does not show a clear focus, e.g. as dozens of projects in the modeling space have been creted and core areas are falling behind.

At this symposium we will discuss the challenges for the future of the Eclipse Foundation and brainstorm ideas for a strong and healthy Eclipse Foundation 2.0.

Participants are expected to submit a position statement prior to the symposium. At the minimum this can be a bullet list of pain points and things to change. Participants will present their position in a very short talk so that most of the time can we used for conversation. The participants would ideally summarize the results of the discussion after the Summit.

Dr. Frank Gerhardt is an Eclipse and OSGi expert. He has been developing business applications based on Java and RCP for years. His company is an Eclipse member and offers development, training and consulting. He is a regular speaker at conferences like JAX, OOP, JFS and EclipseCon.

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