Effective Mylyn

Steffen Pingel (Tasktop )

IDEs · Tutorial
Tuesday, 09:00, 4 hours | Seminarräume 5


Mylyn enhances productivity by seamlessly integrating tasks into Eclipse, automatically managing the contexts of those tasks, and focusing the UI on each task. Once the initial learning curve is surpassed, working task-focused becomes a pleasure and dramatically improves productivity. The goal of this tutorial is to help you step-by-step through this learning curve so that by the end of the tutorial both you and your team members can start reaping Mylyn's productivity benefits.

We will start by installing Mylyn and task repository connectors. Have you been trying to get connector X installed and haven't been able to? Now is your opportunity to get help from a Mylyn committer. Wondering if a connector for your particular task repository is available? We'll answer those questions and highlight some of the task and source repository integration available within the Mylyn ecosystem.

The Mylyn Task List is the hub of the task-focused workday. Although a great deal of effort has gone into making the Task List as simple as possible, the number of features and possible configurations can be daunting. We will walk you through the features you need to start working effectively as an individual and share with you best practices that work well for teams. Together we will work through connecting to shared task repositories with queries tailored for your team. Mylyn's scheduling and focused workweek technology for both personal and team planning will also be covered.

Mylyn's task-focusing technology reduces information overload by filtering uninteresting elements from many of the Eclipse views. Now that attendees have an understanding of the Task List and are confident working with tasks, we will explore the power of task context and see how it can help you code faster. We will demonstrate task activation, the focus filter, and how to maximize the benefits of task context within the Eclipse UI. Attendees will have first hand experience sharing task contexts and learn how this can expedite a number of common developer tasks.

By the end of this tutorial you will be ready to start using Mylyn on your project. You will also be familiar with best practices that will provide you and your team members with the dramatic productivity benefits touted by experienced Mylyn users. We recommend bringing a laptop with the latest version of Eclipse and Mylyn installed since there will hands-on exercises throughout the tutorial aimed at helping you learn Mylyn. We also want to hear how you are using Mylyn and what features you would like to see in the future!

Intended Audience: This tutorial is aimed at those who are both new to Mylyn or are comfortable users of Mylyn but want to learn how to extend the benefits of Mylyn to their entire team.

Steffen Pingel is a software developer at Tasktop Technologies. When he is not riding his bike in the beautiful mountains surrounding Vancouver he enjoys working on Mylyn-based tools that keep developers focused and productive. He became a committer on the project in 2006 while completing his degree in Software Engineering at the University of Stuttgart. Steffen is fascinated by the quality and extensibility of the Eclipse platform which keeps inspiring him to improve the Mylyn framework.

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