Eclipse-based end-to-end development in a SOA landscape.

Ulf Fildebrandt

IDEs · Sponsored
Wednesday, 13:30, 40 minutes | Seminarräume 2-4


The development of applications based on a SOA landscape faces its own particular challenges: the landscape for which applications are built is very heterogeneous. The applications themselves are distributed over different layers such as business objects and service layer, UI layer, and process layer. This is reflected on the design time side by the corresponding set of specialized tools. The lifecycle aspects like versioning and transports of the various design time artefacts constitute an additional challenge.

It becomes obvious that this architecture increases the overall development complexity raising the question how developers can get hold of this complexity. The answer: a well-adjusted and integrated set of Eclipse tools for each of the above mentioned tasks combined with one specialized infrastructure acting as the supervisor and integration point of the overall development project. In order to work out the details of this approach, this session will cover the following questions:
  1. What are the challenges if you want to develop applications on top of a SOA landscape?
  2. How is the architecture of these applications?
  3. What are the challenges of SOA based application development addressed by specialized Eclipse-based tools?
  4. What does the integration of the toolsets in Eclipse look like in detail, and how do they work together?
The presentation will be accompanied by many demos showing the concepts in action. In order to attend this session no special prerequisites are necessary.

Ulf Fildebrandt is working for SAP since 1998 in various areas as development architect. Over the last years he is responsible as product architect for the SAP Netweaver Composition Environment, a Java EE based product to enable customers to build application following the SOA principles.

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