What's new in EMF Model Query?

Boris Gruschko (SAP AG ), Bernd Kolb (itemis AG ), Christian Mohr (SAP AG ), Martin Strenge (SAP AG )

Modeling · Long
Wednesday, 14:20, 40 minutes | Schubartsaal


The Eclipse Modeling Framework (EMF) offers a wide range of support for model-based development. An important aspect of model-based tool and application development is the discovery of model and meta model content. This is the concern of the EMF Model Query project. The EMF Model Query project has been offering querying capabilities for quite some time, however the discovery of persisted modeling content was not very well supported. During this talk we will present a whole new query language planned for the next release of the EMF Model Query project. Key features of the new language are: (1) Human readable, concrete syntax (2) Strongly typed queries (3) Dirty state awareness (4) Platform and model repository independence (5) Scalable query execution

Boris Gruschko works as Senior Developer at SAP AG. He worked for three and a half years on the Modeling Infrastructure project (MOF based model repository) on performance, concurrency and meta-model evolution issues. In addition he worked on the Eclipse integration for SAP\'s Java Development Infrastructure co-authoring and implementing its concurrency architecture. Boris is project lead for the EMF Validation project and commiter on EMF Transactions and EMF Query projects. Prior to joining SAP AG Boris worked at Lufthansa Systems (Aviation) and solution42 AG (Telecommunications).

Christian Mohr is a Developer at SAP AG in Walldorf, Germany and holds a Master of Science degree in computer science. Since he joined SAP in 2007 Christian was working on SAP's Modeling Infrastructure project. He is mainly focusing on eclipse integration, persistency, indexing, and query services. At Eclipse Christian is a committer on the EMF Query project where his focus is on providing a scalable query solution.

Martin Strenge works as Developer at SAP AG and holds a degree in Computer Science. For the past two years he worked on SAP's Modeling Infrastructure project on data storage and information retrieval issues. Martin is a committer on the EMF Query project where his main focus is on providing a scalable query solution.


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